Young Car Mechanics- MEYLE a young mechanic’s best friend

Young Car Mechanic – Why does MEYLE participate at the Young Car Mechanic and what is MEYLE’s function during the assessment?

The German spare part manufacturer, MEYLE is truly passionate about promoting young talent and shaping the next generation of mechanics, which is why MEYLE got involved with the Young Car Mechanic competition that Inter Cars launched a few years ago.

Young Car Mechanic is an international competition for students from technical high schools. MEYLE identifies with the competition’s main goal to fascinate young people for the profession of car mechanics, to exchange experiences and learning methods, and to find young talents in the field of mechanics and car maintenance.

On the left side, Patrick Stüdemann, MEYLE’s head of technical training supervises contestants, solving the given task.

Of course, MEYLE could not be missing as a partner when it comes to promoting young talent and imparting technical know-how. MEYLE employs apprentices and there is a whole technical training team that is passionate about communicating about MEYLE’s practical workshop solutions saving time and money, making day-to-day workshop procedures easier. The team’s goal is to convey their technical know-how to clients and workshops via individual training courses but also to anyone who is interested in technical content via videos on the MEYLETV YouTube channel, available free of charge.

"This is the third year in a row that we have taken part, and it's great fun to watch the up-and-coming talents solve our tasks in the finals and to discover new talents,” says MEYLE’s head of technical training Patrick Stüdemann.

The contestant solves the MEYLE task at a mechatronic unit for automatic transmission. 

At the national finals, the MEYLE team sets a task that has to be completed in max. 45 minutes. In MEYLE's case this year it is a diagnostic of a mechatronic unit for automatic transmission to find all failures and to replace all damaged components.  Thanks to the MEYLE mechatronic unit for automatic transmission, some transmission faults can be repaired by independent workshops without the need for a visit to the OE manufacturer. The portable display piece allows professionals and young talents alike to undergo practical training anywhere, without the need for a suitable vehicle and vehicle lift. Naturally, the level of difficulty increases significantly for the international final that is just around the corner. There is always a MEYLE trainer on site who sets up, prepares, accompanies, and evaluates the task and is always available to answer questions. MEYLE will provide assessment sheets, which will focus on the importance of the individual work steps. Participants can achieve a maximum of 50 points. For our young talents, it is important to know how to find transmission faults and be able to replace damaged components, especially when it comes to a common reason why drivers come to the workshop. So, MEYLE uses real-life examples to prepare the next generation of mechanics.

MEYLE's participation as a partner is also a chance to differentiate itself with its specially developed exhibits, presenting high technical standards and so it is possible for MEYLE to compete with the big names in the industry.

MEYLE now wishes all finalists every success in their turning wrenches endeavors.

Regional final winners in Hungary Másolata.

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