Everything we talked about and what has happened in the last few months was confirmed on March 23 and 24 in Zagreb. Viktor Vugrinčić from Elektrostrojarska obrtnička škola (ESOS) (the Electromechanical School Zagreb) won the 3rd National Croatian Final of Young Car Mechanic, which means he and his mentor will take part in the International Final in Lithuania at the end of June.

Out of a total of 11 practical tasks given by the competition partners, there were easier ones and more difficult ones during which the finalists did not have enough 45 minutes to complete. However, the points were accumulated and it was shown at the end of the final that Viktor, with 492 points, was also the best in terms of time. 

Interestingly, students from ESOS, i.e. Karlo Krolo and Hrvoje Kirša, thanks to which the school continued its dominance in the Young Car Mechanic competition won 2nd and 3rd place. Also, the mentor of this year's winner, Vanja Marendić, was a mentor to Leon Dumić, last year's winner of the national final. Following the results of the competition, our organization team confirmed that the positions of the competitors were changing from task to task and the winner was not known until the end.

We believe that the competitors during the competition managed to acquire new knowledge, skills, and expand their horizons. Certainly, there was also an opportunity to exchange experiences and socialize with other competitors as well as all other participants of the competition, from judges to organizers. As a reminder, our partners have provided rich and valuable prizes and gifts for all our competitors and their mentors, from clothes and gadgets to tools. Likewise, financial rewards were provided for the first three schools, which will surely come in handy in the obtaining of equipment and tools for everyday practical classes. Finally, Inter Cars and the Young Car Mechanic organizing team are extremely pleased with the competition, everything went well, and we hope that Viktor will achieve an excellent result at the International Final.

Armands Umbraško, head of the Young Car Mechanic project at Inter Cars, emphasized that Young Car Mechanic is more than just a competition. At this year's edition of the competition, we had a special opportunity to host our colleague from Lithuania who launched the Young Car Mechanic story in 2017. He stated that the National Finals in Croatia were organized at a high level, and one of the next International Finals will likely be organized in Beautiful Croatia.

We would like to thank the competition partners for being with us again this year: ZF, Bosch, Schaeffler, Meyle, Shell, Febi, Continental, Erling, Filtron, Varta, Valeo, NRF, Milwaukee, Delphi, and Moto Remo. We would also like to thank the service center of Auto Hrvatska Automobili for allowing us to organize the competition on their premises for the third year in a row.

We keep our fingers crossed for Viktor in preparation for the International Final and we invite everyone to follow all the news related to the Yong Car Mechanic competition!