Against all the odds this year`s Young Car Mechanik 2021 has started!

7 cuntries       300 pupils        250 schools       75,000 Euro in money prizes

Young Car Mechanic is an international contest, in which pupils from technical schools and automotive schools will be fighting for the title of the best mechanic. Inter Cars together with UE project financed from Erasmus + programme are supporting activities for the education and vocational preparation of youth. Competition, test of strength and exchange of experience and teaching methods - these are just some of the advantages that can be found in the assump-tions of the project.  Its main aim is motivation of young generation to want more. 

If the pandemic situation does not disturb the organizers, the contest shall be held between 10 March and 31 July 2021. 

As Aristotle used to say: The root of education is bitter, but fruits are sweet. This can be confirmed by anyone, who has taken part in the Young Car Mechanic at least once.  The participants of the contest, but also teachers preparing them, have a lot of hard work in the coming months. 

Competition process:

The first stage of the contest are local country eliminations.  This year they are organized in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and in Poland.  The users scoring atleast 60% in this stage shall be promoted to semi-finals.Semi-finals mean a theoretical test, checking the knowledge of contestants from the automotive mechanics.Country finals, i.e. the third stage f the contest, accept contestants who in their countries gain the biggest number of points and solve tests the fastest.  Group from country finals in 8 countries will have a chance to perform practical tasks and the best of them will meet in international finale.  Here the contestants will also have to prove their practical skills in servicing vehicles and repairing them. 

Young Car Mechanic is a healthy competition, which provides a different look on the job of a mechanic, from a different perspective. International nature of this event gives the possibility of meeting and facing new technologies and technical solutions.The contest, besides providing technical practical and theoretical knowledge, is also aimed to strengthen the thought in young mechanics, that nowadays, success can only be reached by those, who are open for learning all their lives. Young Car Mechanic is also cooperation with partners, to whom we want to send our special thanks in this place, for their involvement and contribution, thanks to which such initiatives like YCM can be created.

The scope of topics which are in every round of the contest and in international finale are:

•             engine

•             fuel system

•             powertrain system

•             vehicle suspension and wheel alignment

•             brake system

•             steering system

•             additional/driver assis-tance systems

•             active and passive safety systems

•             diagnostics of motor vehicles

•             tyres and TPMS