In Latvia, the first and second round of the 2021 YCM contest has ended!

This years “Young Car Mechanic 2021” contest took place for the 13th time. Since its inception, the competition has had a lot of changes and we are pleased that it has evolved from beeing local event to the extensive Young Car Mechanic project that is known globally.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, first two theoretical rounds took place remotely as online contest. First round, which took place on 08.04.21. concluded with results:

Registered contestants216
Test performed157
Average result51
Average Time01:01:37


The second round of the competition, which took place on 29.04.21., concluded with results:

Registered contestants63
Test performed57
Average result23
Average Time00:30:22


The national finals of the “Young Car Mechanic 2021” contest usually takes place during the “Auto” exhibition, which is the largest car industry exhibition in the Baltic region, but due to the restrictions of Covid-19, the exhibition was cancelled, so therefore contest will return to the 2020 format by bringing the competition to our partners. For the time being, it is scheduled to take place on 4-6 June and will be attended by 15 finalists from 9 schools.