Project number: 2019-1-PL01-KA202-065144
Project title: ‘Young Car Mechanic - skills competition for automotive branch’.
Duration: 01.12.2019 – 31.08.2022
  • INTER CARS S.A. - Poland
  • UAB "Inter Cars Lietuva"- Lithuania
  • Inter Cars Hungária Kft. - Hungary
  • Inter Cars Bulgaria Ltd. - Bulgaria
  • S.C. INTER CARS - Romania
  • Inter Cars Eesti OÜ - Estonia

The project aims to promote high-quality vocational education for the automotive aftermarket. This will be done through a multilevel (from school to international) skills competition organised by employers for vocational school students. The manner in which the contest is conducted will indicate how technical and vocational schools should develop and adapt their curricula to the continuously changing needs of the automotive labour market in the participating countries. As formal learning programs may be different across countries, the reference for the competition skills and knowledge will be employer needs (labour market), which are comparable due to the globalisation of the automotive sector.

The Partnership believes that the combined efforts in creating common standards to organise and conduct joint skills contests for vocational school students will contribute to established contacts between schools, teachers and students. It will also mean an exchange of experience and determining the range of knowledge, skills and social attitudes expected by automotive employers.

The project’s implementation will also contribute to establishing a qualification recognition system of the automotive industry in the European labour market. It will also help in applying European law to the free movement of employees. Lastly, it will support updates of the school core curriculum and rules for conducting professional vocational examinations.

The project’s activities:
- Reviewing, analysing and gathering knowledge, experience, good practices, effective and innovative methods and techniques. This will be used to check knowledge, skills and social attitudes among school pupils and potential car workshop employees;
- Training competition judges and conducting YCM competitions based on developed products;
- Developing a partnership model of cooperation and consultation in creating rules and standards to organise knowledge and skills competitions for other professional groups in the Inter Cars group. This will be available for use by other branches.

The project’s main aims/results: - Establish guidelines for the contest’s organisation from school to international level,
- Create standard questions and tasks for question and task databases,
- Have a student performance evaluation system at the contest and train the judges who will do this,
- Promote the contest to schools, teachers, students and branch companies.

The project’s target group: - Teachers and students of technical and vocational schools in the automotive industry;
- Government and self-government administration responsible for vocational education, including those who prepare the core curricula in the automotive industry;
- Examination boards responsible for organising and conducting vocational examinations in the automotive industry;
- Employer organisations and employees in the automotive industry at national and European levels;
- Organisers of branch, knowledge and skills competitions across sectors

Competition organisers