• Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Greece


  • ready to stand for the car mechanics of their country


  • technical schools aimed at car mechanics participating

75 000 €
prize pool value

  • annually to students and their schools

About the competition

Young Car Mechanic is an international competition for students of technical high schools. The main objective is to spread awareness among young people on the occupation of a car mechanic, share experience and learning methods and find young talents in the field of mechanics and servicing motor vehicles.

In 2019, winners from individual national rounds from Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Ukraine and Poland have participated on the Europe-wide Young Car Mechanic round. Join the international round of the competition and see the occupation of a car mechanic and its education from a new perspective. Great prizes awaiting their winners!

International competition

Thousands of students on their way to victory

Supported by the top strongest partners


Born after 1.1.2002

International competition for young people. Hard work needs age, which brings along experience. A true car mechanic is a real expert and a versatile person.

Technical and vocational schools

The competition is designed for students, who decided to study at a technical school aimed at educating future car mechanics. This is why it is exclusively for students of these specialisations.

Valid rules

Being a big international competition with several countries participating, we give away prizes worth tens of thousands of EUR. We have to have things firmly in grip. For your benefit

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Personal Data Protection

Your personal data, which we will only use in the course of the competition for the purpose of organising the competition.

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Now you know (almost) everything. Register and find out, how your experience will do among others. The high value of the prizes and the related prestige can motivate you.

The way to victory

1. regional round

Theoretic test at your school.

2. regional round

We will check your theoretical knowledge once again! It will not be as easy, though!

National finals

Your chance to compete against your national peers with your technical skills.

International finals

The best of the best will battle for more than EUR 25,000 in Hungary.


Competition organisers